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It took a while to come up with a meaningful name for the winery. We explored several concepts, but ultimately, Sorcellerie was pulling us in…   …like some sort of spell…  not really… but still, one has to admit that the conversion of sweet grape juice into so many different kinds of wine may appear to the “uninitiated” as somewhat magical. In turns out that we have a biochemistry background, with strong inclinations for cellular and molecular biology. Although the fermentation process converting simple sugar to alcohol can be followed quite easily on simple metabolic charts, the true magic of wine complexity, although well controlled by experts such as our wine maker Kian Tavakoli , is still not as formally and exhaustively described. In a lot of ways, wine making, just like molecular biology, and other non exact sciences, is a bit akin to “Sorcellerie”. An old friend of mine from Laval University used to call me “Francois the sorcerer” referring to the subject of my thesis.

So we feel quite comfortable with SORCELLERIE, as the word cast a little bit of mystery on the process of wine making, our passionate involvement with the whole thing, and the resulting product; our wines, which we hope will somehow be part of a memorable experience around food and wine…

- Francois and Francine

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Sorcellerie Wines